My sister has a penis

I have started this blog because of the news I just heard. And I have decided my life has to many funny and interesting stories to keep to myself. SO, I will start this off appropriately, my sister has a penis. Let me explain.

I have a sister and a brother, both are younger than me. Actually my sister is three years my junior and my brother is six years my junior. And I must say I should have saw this coming.

All growing up my brother would always participate in the finger nail painting, the dressing up as princesses, but don’t all little brothers? Then clothes started to go missing around the house. A shoe here, a pair of panties there. Nothing big, and come on, who doesn’t loose things now and then. We brushed it off as coincidence.

I remember once my brother was visiting my dad for the summer. He had married his new wife two years previouse but this was the first time she had the joy of experiencing my brother for more than a few days at a time. My step-sister was living with my dad at the time. Along with her four year old daughter. They got along for the most part. There was the usual problems one would think of in these situations. He didn’t pick up after himself, didn’t respect step-mom’s authority and so on. That is until my brother left and my step-mom found half of her grand daughters clothes under his bed.  This is the first time I started to put the pieces together.

I had actually not thought about it since then, that is until the other day. My brother came down for my little girl’s birthday party. We were all hanging out on the back deck when my son sprayed my brother, who was dressed in his usual black jeans and black shirt, with the water hose. Not wanting him to be uncomfortable I implied that it would be ok if he chose to remove his socks and hang out in his boxers. Obviously not thinking, he did so. Only to reveal manicured, polished pink toe nails.

Yes, that is how the news was broken to me. Right there on the back patio, in front of my kids. “So,” I said, “what is up the the toe nails?” His response was classic, “Oh, I am a drag queen. And I am also a bit bi-sexual,” he said. Then he got up and walked inside.

There I sat, alone with my kids and thoughts. “OK, obviously he has felt this way for awhile,” I thought to myself. Flash backs of missing items came to mind. I wanted to go in and ask him if he still had the pair of tiger striped panties I ‘lost’ back in ’94. You see, I don’t have a problem with this. I have gay friends, non of who are drag queens, but those bars are always fun. Not sure what to make of the “bit bi-sexual” part. But I am sure I will find out soon enough. I do however, feel a bit sorry for his wife. I wonder if she knew (or knows) what she was getting in to!


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